Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Blank Slate

Toward the Mainland
Gillian Cornwall, c. September 2015

Imagine you have been writing for as long as you can remember and you sit down to write what is usually a well thought-out post and, not only have you not prepared anything during the previous week, you are simply drawing a blank. Your mind is a snow drift in January in Northern Ontario where not even a bird has set down his tender tootsie to leave his mark of passing - a glistening, empty snow canvas - cold, fresh, untouched. Yep. That's about where I am at as I sit down this morning. 

So... I think, well that's about right, isn't it? It's a new year. Is this not a time to open our minds and hearts to possibility, to that which we may never have considered as possible or desirous? Opportunity. Passion. Desire. Freedom. All of these stirred up with some good old fashioned common sense. What does the world hold for us today? What do we need? What do we have to give away and what do we have to sell? What do we want our lives to look like and how do we achieve our goals? 

I have decided upon these considerations for myself as I approach the new year. I hope they will be useful for you too:

1. Be gentle and kind with yourself and others. Remember we are all on different paths and judgement of another will only set you back on your own.

2. Be open and fluid. Let your energy, as love, continue to flow through you and out from you because when you hold too tightly, things break or slip away. When you maintain the flow, you will always be full, for love, as energy, is like a mountain spring and will rise in you again as you release it to the world.

3. Do not let fear rule your heart and head unless you are walking down a path in the woods and a cougar jumps out at you...

4. Engage with the new - new people, new activities, new places. Explore the world beyond your usual boundaries. We are all connected. It's okay. 

5. Enjoy your clean slate - your fresh, unsullied snow bank. Fall into it face first or stand and stare at the canvas until you are moved to action. This is your time and space to live well. 

I wish each of you every joy, passion and wonder for the new year. May your hardships be few and may you be well-supported through them. May your wonders be plentiful and may you allow space for them to refill and restore you. Thank you for your love and kindness and friendship. 

-Gillian Cornwall, c. January 3, 2016

Winter Wonderland, Victoria BC
Gillian Cornwall, c. 2011


Hotel_Goddess said...

I imagine of a time when my mind is empty so as to relieve myself of worries and stress. I think you should cherish it.

Gillian said...

I do, dear Angela - I do! xoxo

Diane Scurr said...

I agree with all your points, dear Gilliam,especially no. 3...:) With love and light, Diane

Diane Scurr said...

Oops, predictive text, Gillian :)

Vanessa Peterson said...

Your posts always leave me with the possibility of hope, I leave your page feeling calm and renewed, love reading your wisdom, a solid read :)

Gillian said...

Thank you dear Diane.
Wishing you very happy, cougar-free trails!
Much love to you,

Gillian said...

Dear Vanessa,

Thank you so much for your every kindness and support! I am endlessly pleased that my work brings light to your life. I hope for nothing more.

With massive hugs and best wishes for 2016.