Saturday, February 18, 2012


   If I had known earlier in my life that I would be so inclined to waiting, I may have saved myself some grief. For the longest while, I believed that others kept me waiting. Now I know that I choose to wait, choose to teach myself patience. This realization has reduced my level of internal turmoil as I breathe right though the universe rather than self-destruct in frustration and impatience. Perhaps, in fact, there is no waiting, there is only being, in every breathe, in every moment.

Gillian Cornwall, February 2012

Friday, February 03, 2012

There are days when it is so simple to be kind, so simple to love well and to be gentle. These days are akin to summer, all sweet, soft and slow-moving. They are the sweet scent of golden grasses and salty, dune-protected beaches. These days are sun-bleached and tanned. They are popsicle days with screened-in porches and long, lazy dinners with friends. 

Thank you for these days.

-Gillian Cornwall, c 25 January 2012