Monday, January 16, 2006

Nothing To See? - Look Closer

I remember when I first moved to Victoria, B.C. from Salt Spring Island. By compare, Victoria seemed so vibrant and busy with so much to see and do. There were live music shows, art shows, and a ridiculous number of festivals throughout theSpring, Summer and Autumn seasons - festivals celebrating everything from lavendar, to jazz, to lanterns, to Beer.
As time passed, and I made several jaunts over to Vancouver (bright lights, big city), my view of Victoria became jaded and I developed the unseemly mantra,
"There's never anything to do here!"
Recently I have rediscovered the many little wonders of this town. For a city of it's size, Victoria really does have activities a-plenty and, although no time soon will it match the culinary and arts offerings of Vancouver, why should it?! It's NOT Vancouver. We came here to separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the big towns and have a "little city" life. We came here so we would have a place to park. We came here because it rains less than Vancouver. We came here because we like it!
Right now, in our fair city, we have quite a hot ticket which I plan to check out this week sometime: Linda McCartney's photos at the Royal B.C. Museum.