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Lead with Love

The Solomon Series
Books by Sheila Jeffries
Photo by Gillian Cornwall, c. 2015

In 2015, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a number of people and offering a small amount of assistance on projects that highlight the beauty of greeting the world with love through the arts. These are a few of many and I am certain I will highlight others in future posts. I am impressed with the spirit, integrity and perseverance of these folks in creating the exceptional books and films that resulted from their efforts. 

The three books featured in the photo above represent a wonderful triad of books that spring from the first - Solomon's Tale, by best selling author, Sheila Jeffries. This series can be read sequentially or independently. Personally, I preferred reading them in sequence as the stories stem from the wonderful cat, Solomon, and his role in healing the lives of the humans with whom he lives. These books go beyond the classical role of animals in books and have a distinct spiritual element to them. They work because they include real world human dilemmas and difficult subjects and the role animals have in our lives - teaching us and helping us heal. These books are for everyone - young and old. They lead with love and remind us of the importance of loving one another and our interconnectedness with all things.  You can order them through Amazon or go to your local book seller and have them ordered in (if they are not already on the shelf). 

I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila in England this past autumn. She is one of the most kind, loving, life-filled individuals I have ever had the pleasure of calling friend and soul sister. Have a look at Solomon's Tale, Solomon's Kitten and Timba Comes Home and feed your heart and soul with these wonder-filled books. 

Sheila has also written another beautiful book that I enjoyed thoroughly: The Boy With No Boots. It is an inspiring tale of love and perseverance. Find out more about Sheila Jeffries at her website

I originally came to know Michele through Twitter and we became fast friends. When she and her team began crowd-funding for their film project, Blue, I did what I could to help support it because it is a beautiful, heart-wrenching, human story shining a light on how love finds a way - even in the face of horrific human behaviour, pain and hate that stems from fear of difference. Michele is an old soul with the most kind and beautiful heart. She is a talented actor, writer and producer and Blue is one of her many projects. Blue is an independent film that was featured at the Orlando Film Festival in 2015. Find a way to see it - ask your local theatre / film festival if they will bring it in. Check out the website for Blue and watch the trailer. You will want more of this film starring Michele Martin, Drew Connick, Kenny Johnson, Sean Bridgers, Dale Dye, Kelly McGillis, Emma Rayne Lyle and Chris Cleveland

I look forward to seeing Michele's long and brilliant career, led with love, passion and beauty. 

I've known Maureen for some time and one day we crossed paths and caught up on what we were up to lately. When Maureen told me about her film project, Two4One, a romantic comedy featuring a transgender male lead character, I was excited to think of ways to help get it some attention. This wonderful and delightful film takes the heart to places, and in ways, that are off the beaten track. It is a beautiful tale that makes us think of what it takes to be authentic, to be true to oneself, in the face of adversity and difference. Two4One shows us how love comes to us and from us in all its shapes and forms as we traverse the paths of our lives. Two4One has been shown at film festivals in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. 
Writer and Director: Maureen Bradley
Two4One website and Trailer:

I was trying to think of where I first met Krista and I can't for the life of me think of where we crossed paths but I would be willing to bet it was through Twitter or some other form of social media awesomeness.

Krista is the director of Us and Them, a heart-filled and honest portrayal of her relationship with four people in the Victoria community who have lived without a home. The film is as much about the people in it and their individual experiences as it is about "homelessness." This is a film of superior quality and sincere in its participants reality and our relationship to those individuals who have suffered hardships in this life, our ability to blinker ourselves and render others invisible. This is a film about who each of us is, our relationship to our fellows and how we have arrived where we stand. This film is an opportunity to consider who we are and how we love. This is a film about where we want to go, where perhaps we can consider always being as us, as one ...not us and them. 

Vancouver author and addiction expert, Dr. Gabor Mate and Chief Phil Lane, Jr. were mentors for Krista as she made this film, along with a ton of other amazing people who believed in this project. Their belief paid off. This is a great film. This is a timely film. This is a film not to be missed. Find a way to see it. It will enter your heart and there it will stay. 

Krista, if you read this, thank you for the decade or more you spent making Us and Them. It is with me and it has made me better. You are incredible. 

Read more about Us and Them on Facebook

More media on Us and Them:

That is all the features for this week. There will be more. I will do one on wellness soon with the likes of documentary film maker, Alberta Nye and medical inuit, clinical nutritionist and energy medicine specialist,  April Danann. Also, read ahead with Dr. Glen Hepker's book, A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health

Enjoy. Ask for the amazing films and books I have mentioned here. Our fellow humans and creators are the breath of our souls and as necessary in our lives as oxygen and food. 

As we head out on our adventures, let us do our best to lead the way with love, to listen with love and to live with love.

-Gillian Cornwall, c. January 10, 2016

Plumeria - Lana'i, Hawaii
Photo by Gillian Cornwall, c. 2012

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