Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Simple Beat

Winter Woods
Gillian Cornwall, c. December 2010

my heart beats
corporeal beast
entrenched in need

boom ditty boom
i know
the consistent beat

lucked up

mind may go
body may go
people may go

mind the gap

but boom ditty boom
lub-dub is life


Happy Holidays. This year, I wish for one thing for all of us - the ability to slow time through appreciation of life. When everything appears to pile up, when we think we are busy and when we have filled ourselves with worry and fear, may we learn to stop and listen to the rhythm of our hearts and, in that simple beat, may we realize that we have life. Stop. Step off the wheel and look around. Reach a hand out to another. Listen to someone. Expand your lungs and your capacity for life with each breath and lub-dub beat of your beautiful hearts. Much love to each of you.

-Gillian Cornwall, c. December 21, 2014

Self Portrait
Between Lana'i and Maui
Gillian Cornwall, c. December 2014

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