Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wherever I Am, I Am Not Gone

The White Rose
West Saanich, BC
c. June 2013

This is a poem about how I believe we are all connected, all one. There is life in energy. As physics states, there is change in the condition of energy but never less nor more of it; thus, we are omnipresent in one form or another and inextricably connected.

Wherever I Am, I Am Not Gone

When I pass from this life
to what we name Death
will you cry and miss my presence?
Will I know 'missing' then?
I hope to ride the waves, 
the ocean of your cells,
to rise with you completely,
on your molecular tide,
receding in your dreamworld
as you fall to rest.

May I live among you,
rippling through life,
through eternity
as the wind upon the sea.
Open your soul and I'll flow through you as love.

No need to hold,
no need to fear,
for I am with you 
as you are with me,
across the miles,
across time,
in your arms
or in your thoughts. 

Live well.
I offer you my love,
my only gift in life or death.
I am as much your heartbeat 
as you are mine,
we are one,

-Gillian Cornwall, rewritten June  23, 2013.

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Janet said...

Lovely work Gillian. Nice blog!