Sunday, June 30, 2013


G. Cornwall, c. 2012.

I revisit the word 
each year at this time 
often wish it was another 
mot du jour
This year I think of lions. 
This is my pride, 
stretched out, 
across the hot savanna. 
I have pride in my pride of lions, 
you women warriors, 
my band of women. 
Yes, you, you wild creators 
and lovers of life, 
child protectors and friends 
to the end. 
My pride, my pride.

Single mothers I see you
as you march on
I salute you
and you say,
"It's just what I do.
I'm a mom you see."
And I do see you
like a soldier of love
I see you
for the love of the children
through day and night
you fight for their right
to life,
to joy and love
You lift them high
right past you
so they would never know
your fatigue,
your loneliness,
how your love for your young
could break you open -  
it's so big
It hurts sometimes
you love them so.
Women, single mothers 
I see you
I honour and support you
Warriors of love
My pride
My pride.

-Gillian Cornwall, c. June 30

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