Sunday, June 02, 2013

This World is Our Mother

I love to travel through the Saanich Peninsula, to see the beautiful dark soil amid the green and forested landscape, to know that I can select most of my food from the island on which I live, with gratitude. This land provides for us so well and I want to take the opportunity to share this through these words, which act as a mantra for me, an instrument of thought. I originally wrote this in 2009. I return to it regularly to ground me, associate me with the earth that sustains us. Wishing each of you love, peace, kindness and sustenance. 

Saanich Farmland
G. Cornwall, c. 2012

Let Us Not Forget the Land

For every house we build as home
For every school we raise for education
For all the buildings in which we work
Let us not forget the land on which they stand
For it is the land that is our true home
The land that teaches us all we need to learn
The land that is our provider.
Let us not forget the land.

-Gillian Cornwall, revised c. June 2013.

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