Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our Spring

Wet and verdant island day, 
Gillian Cornwall, c. March 2015

 Victoria blossoms
Gillian Cornwall, c. March 2012

A billion tiny kisses plastered to the ground.
Licks and kisses, pink on green, 

the green grass of a west coast spring

A promise kept to us every year
through the grey, wet winter:

"Blossom blizzard"
we call to the east to tease: 
"Yes, it's snowing here too...
...all pink and fluffy
from the plum and from the cherry."

A billion blooming kisses for our mother.
The love of mother,
like no other,
our only mother 

This Spring, let go. Put down that which is not yours to carry. This is the season of renewal and rebirth - a chance to reinvent yourself. You owe no debt of servitude to another soul. You are unique and whole and perfect on your path. Respect all women for they are the life-givers and must be celebrated for their strength and capacity (which is immeasurable and perfect). 

Tread lightly on the Mother Earth for she is the provider of all of your needs for life. Be patient and kind, mostly with yourself, and your patience and kindness with others will come naturally from this prescription. 

There is life to be lived. Go outside. Breathe into your belly. Remember that you are uniquely and infinitely connected to all through your dantian: your centre of life and energy. Participate in your life; celebrate it. Don't just watch the lives of others on the television. 

I write this as it flows through me. I hear this in my  ear, in my heartbeat and through this universal energy I call soul. 

May we embrace the Spring and burst forth into this season of our lives in all of our epic, unique beauty.
-Gillian Cornwall, c. March 20, 2016 

In it.
Gillian Cornwall, c. March 2015 

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