Sunday, August 25, 2013


Jellyfish - Lana'i, Hawaii
c. Gillian Cornwall, 2006.

I am an open thermodynamic system moving away from fear, toward love. I am complete and perfect in this moment, thank you very much for asking. :-) In the next moment, I will have shifted with the universe but I will likely have the same answer. I don't believe I will remain the same shape long enough for you to put me in a box and seal it tightly. Please do not rush to place a label directly onto my flesh, it will only hurt when you have to rip it off a moment later, when we are caught up in the inevitable eternity of labeling and ripping, moment upon moment.

I am amorphous and independent but I have a story, a trail, an echo that will lead you to me in each moment. Does independence preclude relationship? I say no, for if I hold no one and no thing, I do not stand alone, rather full, as the universe is free to flow through me, full-tilt and full-time. 

I like who I am. I do not wish to initiate fear in people because of my being, my becoming. I want to stand open, listening to the millions upon billions and trillions of voices on the wind, listening to the ever-changing being of it all. All for one and one for all! Who knew Alexandre Dumas had it so right in that statement in The Three Musketeers? By the way, why were they called musketeers, when they carried rapiers, not muskets? Apologies, I digress.

I'm here. I'm listening. I'm always now, always present, all ways me, you and the universe; all for one and one for all! There is always the same amount of energy throughout that nebulous construct of time; the same amount of energy at the beginning as at the end - but what beginning and what end ...and of what? - all that ever was, is and shall be. Is this what humans refer to as "God"? This is what I understand to be the universe, all of that which can be imagined and all that we have not yet come to explore. It includes that which we have plumbed and that which is unfathomable. 

I am in awe, completely, and never alone, not even in my thoughts as every pulse beats through me, through eternity. I believe I am finding peace in that which we have named "chaos".

-Gillian Cornwall, rewritten August 25, 2013.
Initially produced on April 2, 2011.

"He can walk into any book,
with his pony pal Pokey too."
Hulopoe, Lana'i. 
Photo, c. Gillian Cornwall, 2006.

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