Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Brother - In Memoriam

An Open Hand
G. Cornwall, c. 2013.

I love my brother like the sun, like breathing, like perfect life itself. 

A year has passed since dear Chris left this place, a year since his body shut down and he joined the universal 'all' in spirit. 

While I miss hearing his voice, his unique laugh, his dry humour, his epic scrabble playing, watching Masterpiece Theatre with him and hugging him after a long separation, I know he's been with me every step of the way over the past year. He flows through my every cell, in each breath I take and in every beat of my heart.

I see his smile in my successes, in my every joy and I hear his soft words of encouragement when I falter and frown upon myself.

Dear brother, the inheritance of your life, the way you lived, is the greatest legacy to have left me. I remember your every kindness, your patience with those less fortunate and your perseverance through the injuries set upon you by others fear. You taught me well and I am grateful. I am blessed with the eternity of your love. Thank you.

Let love flow freely
as a fountain
and you will always be full.
Love is energy.
Energy is love.
Let go.
Free yourself.
There is enough 
for everyone
after all.

Let there be peace.


The Bird.
Chinese Cemetery, Victoria BC
c. Gillian Cornwall, 2013.

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Boo said...

Beautifully said. I can still hear his giggle, see his smile, and feel how accepting he was.