Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Speed of Life

The View to the Cathedral
Victoria, BC
G. Cornwall, c. 2011

Part 1 - The Speed of Life 

"That's the speed of life," I say.
Were I to have glanced away
a moment earlier, what then
my friend?
-another sweet landmine
deep in these woods,
another sweet landmine
I don't remember planting
when last I passed.

Insidious as broom
though nowhere near
as yellow nor stable.
Solid as breath,
the faint warmth
upon my neck 
as you held close
to say

Big bang.
The breath
of goodbye
upon my neck.
The breath of goodbye 
upon my neck.

Part 2 - The Speed of Afterlife

Was it not enough to feel,
to breathe,
for the heart to beat?
In the middle of miracles
I dared ask for more.

In death,
I cannot feel breath.
The light from eyes
does not reflect.
The beat of a heart 
not heard,
for I am gone.

Is it not life 
without witness;
not miracle
without touch?

Whisper my name
that my life sounds
throughout time.
Drum the beat
of my heart
in your ear.
All will hear:
life, life, life,
echo me near,
echo me near.

-Gillian Cornwall, c. April 26, 2013.

Vancouver, English Bay
Gillian Cornwall, c. 2010


Medina said...

Beautiful Gillian

April Danann said...

This is so beautiful Gillian...your words speak to me on every level.

Blessed Be,


Gillian said...

Thanks so much Medina!

Gillian said...

Thank you so much for reading my work, April! You bring so much joy and learning into my world. I feel so blessed to share this life with you.

Anonymous said...
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Gillian said...
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