Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Are Perfect to Me

 Beach, Foot of Cook St, 
Victoria, BC
G. Cornwall, 2011.

Do not settle. Do not ever settle. Be bold and true to yourself. Be brave and trust yourself. You are capable of greatness in every step along the path you will walk in this life. Act with a balance of your heart and your head. Do your best and remember this is always enough. 

Be kind and sincere; listen and talk.

Help others when you can freely give of yourself without expectation of return and remember that it is the greatest act of bravery to keep going, to pay attention to this life you've been given and enjoy it with your heart and mind wide open and the sun shining brightly upon your soul. 

Do not worry over the stuff of life too much or too long, rather put your energy toward creating a good life for yourself and others. 

Always remember that, to me, you are perfect in each breath you draw.

Gillian Cornwall,  February 9, 2013.

 Olympic Mountain Range from Rockland.
Victoria, BC
G. Cornwall, 2011.

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