Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chaos, Entropy, Perfection.

Near Kamuela, Hawaii
Oil Pastel on Paper
c. Gillian Cornwall

Perhaps the world is not chaotic after all. Perhaps it is only in our self-perception and our externalization of this perception that the idea of chaos has become so widely held.

If we are at peace within ourselves, not stagnant but at peace in our core as we walk our individual paths and as the universe and its inhabitants weave the cloth of their many paths, without our worry and fear placed upon them, then chaos ceases to exist. 

If we apply the law of attraction as we radiate love and peace and it ripples out from us then this will be what we create for ourselves - calm in the face of everything. 

1. a measure of a system's capacity to undergo spontaneous change
2. a measure of the disorder or randomness in a system

If things and people are constantly in flux then how would anyone possibly hold a state of perfection? 
The only way I can see it possible is if one were to remain in motion. In other words, if one were moving and reshaping one's thoughts and perspectives as one learns and grows.
Thus, is perfection actually pure openness, fluidity and a willingness to change shape as one grows?
As in science, those objects and creatures with a capacity to bend and change shape are stronger and more sound than those that are rigid. After all, water and air dictate our life force on the physical plane and we move through both, for the most part, with minimal resistance.
Is perfection really as simple as fluidity? Likely.
-Gillian Cornwall,   February 24, 2013.

Plumeria Blossoms at Hulopoe, Lanai
c. Gillian Cornwall, 2006.


Hotel_Goddess said...

I believe we do create our own chaos because it is in the eye of the beholder. Example I saw on FB over holidays: 8 yr old American child cries over getting last year's version of iphone, while 8 yr old 3rd world child cries over having no food to eat...relative, relevant and perception can conceptualize anything for anyone, no matter the paradigm.

Gillian said...

Thanks for your comment, A! This is a wonderful illustration of the point. As each day passes I am more aware that every breath is a blessing, each moment a gift, regardless of what occurs in the course of the passing days.
Thank you for reading!
-Gillian xo