Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let Us Go To the Universal Place Within Us

Bird of Paradise - Lana'i Hawaii
Gillian Cornwall, c. December 2012

"Love. Kindness. Joy. Patience. Endurance."

I repeat these words and live their meanings to the best of my ability in each moment and in the face of my fears. I follow the path of the femina magna with calm and steady breath: impeccable in word, not taking the path of others as my own, not making assumptions and doing my best with each step.

Wars, heartaches, lives and deaths have cycled through us and we walk on, down our paths, making decisions with each and every footfall:
a) the path of love
b) the path of fear

Let us go to the universal space within us, 
the space where we have all recognized at one time in our lives, 
if only for a fleeting moment:
We are beings of love, of energy,
we are inextricably connected.
Let us be our best one.
Let us walk our paths in a state of openness and love,
independent and together,
as the roots below our feet
and the flow of the oceans,
as all the creatures of the earth.
Let us weave this beautiful basket of life and love together
so when we look within
our introspection shows the wonder of limitlessness,
the universe in each of us as one connected being.
From mother to child we unfurl
with limitless love for all
and no fear of loss,
for love flows as an endless fountain
through us
with no fear,
no need to hold,
for it is all there, all ways,
if we are open,
if we trust.

Gillian Cornwall, c. January  20, 2013.

Hulopoe Beach - Lana'i, Hawaii
Gillian Cornwall, c. December 2012


ToolGirl said...

Beautiful, Gillian!

Gillian said...

Thank you Mag!