Sunday, July 01, 2012


I remember the layers I've peeled from women
- t-shirts, dresses, secrets and fears.
I remember the passion, the exploration
and discovery.

I have known women,
loved well by some,
left for dead by others.

There are those who have taken this me-lump of marble,
chipped and shaped to a pleasing form.

There are those who fell into my skin
to wear as sheep's clothing.

If you think I have forgotten you,
I have not.

Each of you pass through,
pushing through cells,
clattering doors and windows,
eyeing, spying each other,
eyeing, spying me
from the inside

-Gillian Cornwall, c July 1, 2012


V said...

I love this poetry. So meditative. Strong imagery at the end that I think anyone who has ever lived will relate to. Thank you <3

Gillian said...

Thank you for reading my work and for letting me know your thoughts. I truly appreciate it. I read your comments shortly before a public reading of my work and this bolstered me!