Monday, July 16, 2012

A Woman Worn

You are ripped up. 
You are the lost sock.
You are the windblown,
slightly shredded flyer;
an event passed while you were plastered to a tire,
going around and around and around.
You are the petals on the sidewalk,
dropped from the hanging basket,
more pretty than cement, 
no longer a flower,
no longer power.

-Gillian Cornwall, 2010.


Lauren said...

"more pretty than cement, no longer a flower" ... and then you tie it back to power and I can't help but read a commentary on society and the disproportionate amount of media value placed on younger women... and then what happens when we age?

Gillian said...

Yes. What happens when we age? I suppose we hope to have one loved one nearby who sees us for the vessel of life and beauty, endurance and intelligence that we have always been, for without this...