Monday, December 04, 2006

All Hawaii - All the Time!

Aloha from Gumby & Pokey
Back in the cold
On my balcony - Victoria - B.C.

This is what I came back to... - Victoria - BC

My buddy Greg - Kuhio Beach - Waikiki - Oahu

I think - Portuguese Man o' War
Shipwreck Beach - Lana'i

Yep, that's me - Shipwreck Beach

Last Day on Lana'i at Shipwreck
with Bev
So much Aloha to you my sweet friend!

Perfect Day at Hulopoe - This is where I camped

Bird of Paradise - Lana'i

The Grounds at the Four Seasons Koele Lodge - Lana'i

Four Season's Manele Bay Resort - Lana'i
(Had a dinner and a lunch here - Deeelux!)

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