Sunday, August 09, 2015

Gender Free

 Me - 2014

My head is raw
from popping up 
through taped down boxes
like a cat 
I find a gap
and push

Boxes labelled

I pop through
your Jack, your Jill in the Box
keeping me still in the box
'til you've wound me so tight
I take flight

No matter what you need to hear
I'm still coming out queer
past your fear 
If you need a different label
call me able 
to be what I need to be

My friend Sheila sees no danger 
She calls me "Earth Angel"
and I tend to agree
because I want to be free
and I'll gravitate 
away from hate 

Life is all about labels
and the fables
you've been told
since you were one day old
in pink or blue
not what's true for you

tucked in your bed 
with a kiss on your head
clothes laid out
pants for prince
dress for princess
but what you feel in your heart
no one cares less

I've been railing on gender subjugation
with friends and relations across every nation
dreaming of a time
when my life will be mine
when I can rest without fear
and just be me...

Gender free

-Gillian Cornwall, c. August 9, 2015

Gillian Cornwall, c. Spring, 2015


Cindy Player said...

I want to say Hooray Gillian!! Eloquent, clear and witty! Visceral, visual and gender free!! You are truly a visionary. I wish the world could change and you could stay just as you are without a raw head from pushing your way out of boxes. it is so much easier to prove I am not a robot (except I need to put a check in a box).

Gillian said...

Thanks so much Cindy.
I am in gratitude for your kind comments about my work. I will remain me to the best of my ability and try to have the tide flow through and around me in this incredible stream of life.
Much love,