Sunday, March 08, 2015


Sunset Sky Over Victoria, BC 
Gillian Cornwall, c. 2012.

Women - we are all here because of women. 

Women are essential and equal to all in mind, body and spirit - different perhaps, but equal. 

Women love, care, share and protect fiercely and softly. 

Women have expanded the world knowledge of science, art, philosophy, medicine, literature, sport, engineering, communications - every field under the sun.

If all this is true, then why do we need an International Women's Day?

We need International Women's Day because, around the world, women are being treated as 'less than'. 

Please, everyone, regardless of where you place yourself on the gender spectrum or where you are in the world, let's work together to make the world an equitable and inclusive place for all. We can #MakeItHappen!

Please visit the UN International Women's Day website or to gain greater understanding and find ways you are able to help.

"If anyone makes you feel less than you are, for the colour of your skin, for where you come from, for the gender of the person you love, for the religion you have faith in, stand up, speak up, roar. No silence till we are equal." ~ Thisuri Wanniarachchi

-Gillian Cornwall, c. March 8, 2015

 My brother and I "surfing" - Cape Cod, 1960s
When I just "did", before I was told I "could not"
From 8mm home movie footage

Under the sky, with the sky, we are one.
Gillian Cornwall, c. 2012

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