Sunday, February 08, 2015


The Olympic Mountain Range
Gillian Cornwall, c. September 5, 2011.

In light of Pink Shirt Day coming up on February 25, 2015 here in British Columbia, I thought I would post this again. I suppose it continues to be relevant as long as there are bullies and abusers in our world. 

I have a word, one word, for all of the bullies, misogynists, haters and cowards. The word is: NO.

I repeat these statements. I apply them to my being like a salve over the hurts that scar my history.

NO. I will not be threatened into submission.

NO. Your condescension is neither appropriate nor acceptable.

NO. I will not be the woman that you believe all women should be. 

NO. I am not afraid. You are afraid or you would not be so threatened by my autonomy. 

NO. Your fear is not mine to carry. It is yours to carry. Take it and find a way to face it that is neither hurtful nor hateful.

It is about responsibility. I am responsible for my well-being and you are responsible for facing your fear.

Know that there is nothing you can take from me nor force me to be. 

I am whole and full with the well of love that flows through me. I hold no fear and no shame. 

I am the gift of the life I was given and my energy is as eternal as the waves to the shore.

I wish you peace.

-Gillian Cornwall, November 3, 2013.
Re-published on February 8, 2015.

**If you are being bullied or hurt by someone, please know that there are people who care and can help. Here are a few of the organizations I know of that can help you when you need it:

1 800 668-6868

1 250 383-3232

1 250 592-2927

1 866 488-7386 

 Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Event 2013, Victoria 2013
 Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Event, Victoria, 2013
 Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Event, Victoria 2013
Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Event, Victoria 2013

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