Sunday, August 03, 2014

Fuel the Positive

Fernwood Car
Gillian Cornwall, c. 2014

Let us, for a moment, imagine that we will take the full force of human insecurity to fuel positive acts toward others instead of placing the energy behind our insecurities into tearing down those around us - as many of us have done at some time in our lives.

Unable to raise ourselves up through positive thought and action, we raze rather than raise the folks with whom we are surrounded. This is neither an effective nor sustainable practice.

Why, if it serves no purpose, do we debase ourselves or others? This is not the same as self-effacement. It is not an act of humility. The motivators behind our behaviours are extensive: cultural, familial, gender-based, perhaps simply because we are accustomed to doing it. It may be the result of a history of abuse, war or trauma. 

Today I offer a challenge: Focus on something good within you, something positive and life-affirming. Find a way to share that light in you with another and give it in a way that raises and lights the path of a friend or a stranger. Do it simply because you can. 

Believe in yourself. Believe in another. Watch the ripples of self-love and love of another flow out endlessly. This is our power to live and share and make a positive impact.

Live well. Live with intention.

-Gillian Cornwall, July 27, 2014.

Gillian Cornwall, July 2014


Boo said...

I will do my best, as always.
Thanks for the reminder xo

Gillian said...

Thanks for your comment Boo! I know you do your best. Much love to you.

Anonymous said...

I want to believe that my intentions are to be only positive when treating others. Yet, I rely on my ego by justifying when I treat others negatively. I want to live as though there is only one charge; love, which greets all as one. I have been told that the energy of love does not know the difference of negative and positive; as Love is an energy that connects humans as one. The problem is that sometimes I can't find a plug.

Gillian said...

Dear Anonymous,

First - thank you for reading my article. I truly appreciate your time.

Second - your honesty and self-awareness are entirely admirable and show a desire to live a life of kindness. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here and I hope you will "stop by" again to read more! Good luck keeping your eye on the plug! ;-)

Best wishes,