Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Opposite of Love

Time to Blossom - Victoria BC
Gillian Cornwall, c. April 2011

The opposite of love is not hate.
The opposite of love is fear. 
Hate is a bi-product of fear.
These are not emotions.
They are states of being.

You may choose the state in which you wish to be
for we are energy; we are the state.

Love will bring you fluidity, freedom, fullness and well-being.

Fear will still you. Fear will keep you brittle.
It is a state in which you can find yourself broken, trapped and unwell.

Move into love with your doors and windows wide open.
Let a gentle breeze glide through you in your house of love.
Shift and flow as all things in nature do.

Every moment is a miracle to live and be love.

-Gillian Cornwall, c. March 16, 2014.

 Over the Rooftops, Spring Flight - Victoria BC
Gillian Cornwall, c. April, 2011


Boo said...

I intend to be in this state of love each and every day. Sending you love and wishes for a quick and easy settling into your new place. xo

Gillian said...

Ahh Boo. As always, wishing you every blessing on your path of love.