Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing on Writing

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate you taking the time. As I look toward the horizon of November 1st and, there, upon the two major writing competition deadlines before me, I think about this piece. 

I want to share it with you as a micro-insight into how I think about the words, the story, and how I shape the writing and stretch myself beyond my comfort to create something of me and beyond me, all at once. Each time I remind myself that I am worthy of the blank page, that we each have stories to tell and the right to craft them. After which, I put it forth with the hope, but not the expectation, that it will provoke a shift in the senses of the reader. 
Hulopo'e Beach - Lana'i HI
c. Gillian Cornwall, December 2012

Smell - evocative of palpable fogs, repugnant and dirty; it's my word for nasty odours. I've given it bad press. Scent is good, pretty, indicative of delightful perfumes. It often starts with a word dropped into a placid pool, the vision rippling out with endless and, at times, terrifying possibilities. What to feature; what to type? I remind myself why I can't care what you will think. I lay myself bare. This is what I have for you; this is who I am. Take my story to your heart or hide it in a shopping bag under the basement stairs. 

Armed with words and pen, I sail forth. I harbour a mad and secret desire to claim the Golden Fleece while the dragon sleeps. I empty my mind of the work-a-day trash and dig deep, chasing the tail of the tale, knowing it is waiting on the other side of sense, in the silt, across time and tide, past the singing sirens and the myth, the lie, the no.
-Gillian Cornwall, c. September 2013

 Me - flying on the winds
in The Garden of the Gods
Lana'i, HI

Here is a link to an interview I had with CBC Books - Canada Writes, as a result of winning their wonderful Twisting Titles Twitter Challenge.


nakedplanet2 said...

Wow, Gillian! Excellent post! What a way you have of bringing things fully to life. To make the reader feel and taste and smell your words as well as seeing and hearing them. I absolutely cannot wait until you finish your book. I feel so blessed to be a part of your blossoming!

Gillian said...

Dear Mary,

Thank you for such kind praise of my work. It is a blessing to get any feedback and to get praise like this from you is a driver and a delight. The book will be finished one day soon, a CNF piece will be published in December. More on the December publication closer to the date. Now, back to work to get pieces ready for those November deadlines!

With gratitude,

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