Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Sacred World

University of Victoria, Autumn 2012

Where is the peace I desire, if not in the arms of life itself? Where is my heart, if not in the universal hands, beating and quivering as delicate as a chickadee?

I am here, now, present and somewhat uncertain of what I am told I am missing. Though people may attempt to negate my joy or aim to tear me down, I bathe in my life light. I hold myself up to the sun and it is here I will remain while it shines.

I wander the woods and know the joy of the bounce of the forest floor in lieu of remaining chained to the desk from dawn to dusk. I do my job indeed, but I step away for there are no funds for which to buy life, no other path to beauty than the one I choose, no light that will shine brighter for me than my own. 

You will find me in Mystic Vale with a golden leaf floated from the heavens cradled in my palm and my face tilted toward the sun. 

At my best, I will be a guardian of the Mother Earth and staunch in my protection of her, for the purity and sustainability of the world and the lesson of how I lived in her arms is my only true and valuable inheritance to give.  

With love,

-Gillian Cornwall, November 25, 2012

Bowker Creek Trail
University of Victoria
November 2012


Alberta said...

How touching and beautiful. I have always said you have such a way with words. You express what others only feel. Thank you for that. <3

Gillian said...

Thanks Alberta. I am pleased to have this gift to share.