Sunday, October 28, 2012

Forest Walks, Salmon Run

"Where love and joy have visited, there exists heaven."
Gillian Cornwall

Scent of pine
Spinning maple
on the winds
crimson one side 
white-pink the other
Traveling tree to soil
the swan song

A river grows
in the gulch
autumn rains
housekeep its bed
for salmon's journey home

They will run red
run rampant
run wild
not knowing the fate
their farmed friends

Autumnal cries
eagles in aeries
await post-coital fish death
freshly battered
from their fight
to breed
to die
proud warriors

While beneath the pebbles
new lives begin
in their watery worlds
What life is this?
In this forest deep
my soul can sleep
where all is simple
where life is sweet

-Gillian Cornwall, c. October  28, 2012


Monika Meulman said...

So lovely - a journey of worlds - a way back home to the heart.

Gillian said...

Thank you Monika! I encourage everyone to view your work in turn. So deeply moving:

Anonymous said...

Each season brings the transition of opportunity for intense focus and passionate clarification. Your words are lessons for understanding . . . for those who do not understand and for those who want to be reminded.