Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hawaii - 2006
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This is a poem about instinct and letting go. It's a reflection of our capacity to survive and engage in pleasure that we must have had as a full time job before the things of man shifted how we function, before we industrialized to make our lives easier. We have traded the full time job of working for survival for "paid work" so we can exchange money with others to provide our food and shelter and protection. We work so we can play and touch base with our instincts of survival on our vacations by going camping, visiting the natural world. We've added a step because it made it physically easier for us but has it only complicated our worlds?


desire soaked 

prowling territory

collective spirit


licking wounds



thick with life

-Gillian Cornwall


Boo said...

Once more your words have taken me on a journey and reminded me of who we are underneath it all. Loved the picture.

Gillian said...

Thanks Boo. I really appreciate your comment. I am happy this takes you on a journey. The picture is Kona side big island. So much life burgeoning there, where the land itself is being created with each breath.

Lauren CS. said...

The place is clearly so significant for you... lovely.