Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Kids of My Own

Okay, so, I don't have kids of my own so maybe I don't fully understand it and being gay with no kids has definitely made me an outsider from my family with the exception of my eldest brother who is also gay with no kids. 

What I don't understand is why this means that no one in my family except my eldest gay brother shows any interest in my life whatsoever and those that have kids can only talk about their kids and not themselves. When their kids grow up, they seem to have no self with which to engage others and then just start asking for grandchildren or start talking about other people's kids. 

It is odd that I have friends with children who are perfectly capable of talking about themselves, subjects that interest them and, lo and behold, they are entirely capable of asking me about the myriad of activities and interests in my life. 

So friends, I thank you and to my family, who are entirely unlikely to be reading this, tell me about you and, if the spirit moves you, ask about me. I'm kind of awesome.

With love and frustration,

-Gillian Cornwall, March 2012

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Lauren said...

It's true!! Some people who have kids don't seem to be able to devote time or energy to themselves or their own interests anymore, although others still manage to maintain that delicate balance... makes me scared to have kids, to be honest. I really don't see how I would be able to continue to feed my own ambitions, identity, wants, once I was suddenly responsible for another person's... another who is here because of me.

PS - you are kinda awesome. Your family (with the exception of your older brother) is seriously missing out.