Monday, December 07, 2009

A Couple of Seascapes by Gillian

Shark Cove and Pu'upehe
Lana'i, Hawaii
By Gillian Cornwall
Watercolour Pencil on Paper
4" x 6"
Copyright 2000

by Gillian Cornwall
Oil Pastel on Paper
Copyright 1988


mail said...

I'm really liking the big wave thing

mail said...

ok. that was not supposed to be anonymous, it's just that I am an idiot.

One more time... I really like the big wave thing

Bob Tonner said...

Now I see.

I posted above


Bob Tonner said...

Maybe I'm not such an idiot after all!

Gillian said...

Hi - I still can't see who you are...
But thanks - I appreciate it!

Gillian said...

Now I see too!
I guess neither of us are idiots.
Thanks Bob!

steve said...

I feel like I'm being swept up in the wave. that is amazing, just like you. and in case this doesn't show who I am..It's Steve